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⒵Prior to WhatsApp GB, users carried two phones on WhatsApp for home and professional use. Luckily, the creators are aware of the issue and have enabled the convenience of dual open accounts. The account type can be either a business account or a personal account. A business account can be used in the course of doing business. It is not appropriate to give out your family or personal WhatsApp number to a business friend. Separating professional from personal life is something we all strive for. Please relax, GBWhatsApp download APK allows you to create two different accounts on one device.✺

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⒴Do you always want to know what message content your friends have deleted? Do you get confused when the person sends a message but deletes it immediately? gw's anti-deleted message function can help you with this. This feature prevents the sender from deleting messages that have been sent to your software for deletion, even if the withdrawal function is used on his mobile side.❤

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✈Using a third-party app locker will lock your WhatsApp app, but you cannot lock designated chats. Meanwhile, you can lock your chats and apps in the GBWhatsApp download APK. You can find a built-in app lock in the mod which allows you to set a password to lock specific conversations. If you don't want a private conversation with a friend to be accidentally seen, you can also set a separate password for that conversation.⇖

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Ⓙyou need to make sure that you have backed up all your data (if you have used the official WhatsApp before, make sure you remember to do so) you need to ensure that you have uninstalled the official WhatsApp before installing the GBWhatsApp need to ensure that you have allowed unknown sources to be installed on your phone.□

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