Council of Research


Adopted (date)


This Council is Chartered by the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masons of Ohio as Ohio Council of Research and Development pursuant to the Constitution, By-Laws and Code of the Grand Council. This Council is Chartered as a Council of Masonic Research and not as a Council of Cryptic Masons, it is in effect an appendant body. The specific provisions of Code for the Government of Councils, which are designed to govern councils of cryptic masons, are not pertinent to governance of this Council. The Council acts in full compliance with its Charter by making by-laws unique to its character as a council of masonic research, provided such by-laws are in conformity with the accepted practices and usages of Freemasonry and of bodies of masonic research generally, and are immediately thereafter submitted to the Grand Recorder for review by the Most Illustrious Grand Master or Grand Council. Where these By-Laws and Standing Rules are silent, the Code for the government of Councils shall be applied to the extent that its provisions are relevant to the issue presented and suitable to government of this Council in its character as a Council of masonic research. All other questions shall be submitted to the Most Illustrious Grand Master for decision.


This Council is Chartered by the Grand Council of Ohio under the Name “Ohio Council of Research and Development, Royal and Select Masons” (hereafter the Council), and is governed by its Charter, these By – Laws, and the Standing Rules adopted hereunder.


This Council shall be organized and shall function solely for the purpose of Masonic Study and research and development of constituent Councils, publishing at convenient intervals the results of such study and research and development.